How to get your @unik-name

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@unik-name is your simple human-readable identifier for your everyday life, to be used in the crypto and digital worlds.

Your @unik-name is your most valuable digital asset...

You get your @unik-name for life and it belongs to you and only: it’s a non-fungible token issued once and for all, forged into a blockchain.

Your @unik-name is protected against spoofing and typo-squatting.

It preserves your privacy and your anonymity all the way long.

...usable everywhere

You can share and use your @unik-name, in the crypto-world and also in the traditional digital world, instead of all your encoded and enigmatic public addresses:

  • to transfer coins with wallets and exchanges
  • to do crypto transactions
  • to access decentralized files
  • to access web resources
  • to make e-payment
  • to use DAPP (Decentralized Applications)
  • to execute cryptographic services
  • and many more…

Get your @unik-name right now and get immediate benefits

  • Be the first and get a chance to choose the one that corresponds to you: your true name, your nickname, your gaming pseudo… Your @unik-name is unique and reflects who you are. But many may want the same, so be the first to get it 😊
  • Get a free voucher to convert your @unik-name to a non-fungible token into our UNS blockchain (see claiming process)
  • Get a sponsorship ID to participate in our rewarding program
  • Get whitelisted for our token sale
  • Unlock UNS network features before everybody

And, if you’re a speculator you must know that @unik-names will be tradable very soon on a marketplace, similarly to website domains or like any valuable asset.

How to get your own and unique @unik-name

Very simply
  • Write you @unik-name and let you guide by the process
  • Three mouse clicks and it's on
Preserve your privacy and your anonymity
  • Keep your name, surname, age, and nationality for yourself
  • Your phone number as login
  • Leaving your e-mail address is useful for notifications purpose only, although it is not mandatory
Enjoy a great User-eXperience
  • Follow the process easily thanks to an intuitive design
  • Friction-less: you’re guaranteed to get the @unik-name at the end of the process - "Get is Get"
  • At your service: a Real-Time dialog on our Telegram chat group to help you at any time!

Acquisition chart

@unik-name can be acquired once

Every @unik-name can be acquired by one and only one individual. There is no possible duplicate owner. @unik-name availability is tested during the process.

@unik-name are protected against spoofing and typosquatting

@unik-name accepts any numbers and latin characters (lowercase or uppercase). Allowed separators:

* + - . ( ) ’ ' ` _ &
It means a user does not need to get all the same name with and without separators, with uppercase and lowercase, or with and without accents. By acquiring a @unik-name in any explicit value, the user owns all of the other forms.

A phone number is required to get @unik-name.

Your phone number is the account number of your @unik-name, nothing else. Confirmation codes are sent by SMS for any operation on your @unik-names: get a new name, change settings, transfer ownership...

Acquisitions are limited per user

@unik-name acquisition slots are limited to a single person. To get more names, users need to share their @unik-name and to make people to get their own @unik-name. (see rewarding program).

@unik-name will need to be converted to our UNS blockchain

By getting a @unik-name, users will receive a voucher to convert their acquired names to non-fungible tokens into our UNS blockchain. This conversion process is called “forging a name”. It will be possible with the Forge Factory in the coming weeks. Users will be notified of its opening by SMS and email but also via our Telegram channel.

Only for individuals

Only “individual” category @unik-names can be acquired. Getting @unik-name for corporate, business, organizations or brands, or any other category will open in a second stage.

Get my @unik‑name