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Your @unik‑name will be used and shared just like your e-mail address. Keep it easy, it will be your Universal Human-Readable name to receive transactions on any coins.

You might want to choose your real name or to stay anonymous with a pseudo.

It’s up to you!
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A @unik‑name is a combination of:
  • any latin characters
  • characters with accents
  • lowercase or uppercase characters
  • any numbers
  • and separators: * + - . ( ) ’ _ &
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Getting a @unik‑name is currently only possible by invitation.

Request your invitation link on Twitter.

Early-adopters and Beta Testers will receive special bonuses and rewards.

Note: if you've already got a @unik‑name before and you absolutely want a new one, sign in here.

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1Choose your @unik‑name


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