Universal protocol for applications

The naming protocol to integrate into all the applications

Are you tired of using multiple identifiers and complex addresses?

We build the Universal Naming System, a protocol to deploy on every Web and Crypto app for users to have one single, simple and secure digital identifier to use and to share.

A Partnership Program is running to incentivize every app to deploy the UNS protocol and to become an Integrating Partner.

The goal is to provide every wallet, exchange, and platform with one Universal Naming System, for a better and intuitive user-experience thanks to friction-less interactions.

@unik-name is a solution for end-users as well as organizations.We provide digital identifiers for personal and professional uses.
Create trust with your peers. Preserve your digital identity.

Digital Identifier and Universal protocol

@unik-name: sovereign & digital identifier

There is no similar @unik-name to yours. Each one created is backed by a digital asset with unique properties. You have sole control over it. Ownership is yours and property is transferable peer-to-peer.

UNS: open & universal protocol

Apps deploys the Universal Naming System to get multiple benefits. Offer an intuitive experience. Attract @unik‑name's owners. Participate in a global rewarding network. Bring value to your users. Deploy UNS.

Identity and Privacy Naming

Get your @unik-name

With our technology, take back the control of your data. You - not internet giants - can now own your digital identity.

Personal: unique to the user

Persistent: lives with the user from life to death

Portable: accessible anywhere the user happens to be

Private: only the user can give permission to use or view data

Safetypo ©

Protects your @unik-name against spoofing and typosquatting.

Once you get your @unik-name, you get all its derivative forms as well (caps, accents, separators,...). It prevents mistakes while protecting your digital identity.


Helps you classify your data in public or private lists.

Customize your @unik-name with serious or fancy labels to control sharing visibility of your information.

Address checker ©

Guarantees the validity of an address format to prevent miss-uses of data.

Add addresses to your @unik-name and check the format to match the desired cryptocurrency or identifier.

Easy to plug-in

Use @unik-name in all applications

@unik-name provides tools to allow the community to easily integrate the solution into the existing ecosystem: wallets, exchanges, payment solutions or just any services which handle complex identifiers.

The UNS protocol is universal and works with all kinds of data format. It brings a solution for Crypto addresses, Decentralized Cloud, Internet-of-Things, while unifying the existing Naming Systems.

Designed with privacy at its core, the users' data is protected with the latest best performing technologies in terms of Cybersecurity.

Integration kits, add-ons and SDKs are delivered under an @unik-name Open Source program and are free to use.

Join the UNS

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Get value right now

  • Ideation H2 2017

    Solution design, market tests, company creation

  • Design H1 2018

    Whitepaper, POC (Proof Of Concept), MVP development

  • Alpha Ready H2 2018

    Release of Get Your @unik-name & Hub applications

  • Get Your @unik-name H1 2019

    Get your unique, secure and personalized digital ID for life

  • Sovereign identifier H2 2019

    Private and universal authentication with your @unik-name. The only untraceable digital ID you want to connect everywhere on the Web while keeping your privacy intact

  • Set & Share H1 2020

    Customize your digital ID with your personal information. You only can access and modify them, while being able to control their sharing and visibility.

Our partners

They support us

Digital School YNOV Campus

Training of computer engineers. 6 campuses in France. We provide the blockchain training program. We source our futur talents. The campus of Nantes hosts our start-up. More...

ARK.IO Major Blockchain Actor

DPOS Blockchain type framework, one of the most powerful on the market. The blockchain architecture of UNS relies on this technology. More...

CYLLENE French Datacenter

Cloud, hybrid, Expert in infrastructure and in cyber security. Provider of ressources and expertise for our team. More...

BIGBLOCK Datacenter

Blockchain calculations and mining, transaction validation. More...


Member of the Non Fungible Alliance we support and participate to develop and promote Non Fungible Token (NFT) Standards within the blockchain industry. We contribute to the community with our know-how and expertise of NFT implementation thru the @unik-name UNIK NFT token on the ARK.io blockchain technology. UNIK is not an ERC721 Ethereum NFT. More...


Externatic is a recruitment and HR consulting firm specialized in IT, web, mobile and electronics in western France (Nantes, Angers, Rennes, Vannes, Bordeaux) More...


French Startup accelerator based at Nantes. Our team is hosted at Novapuls. More...

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