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Your users’ accounts are exposed to hacks!

“48% of consumers stop using services after a data breach. As a result, companies suffer from a loss of profit and long-term reputation damage.”

“More than 540 million Facebook users’ data was up for grabs on unprotected servers until April 2019.”


“A 2016 data breach compromised more than 412 million accounts from a network of adult-oriented networking sites and made all users data public.”

Cyber Security Online

“885 million sensitive financial records were left exposed by First American on public servers where anyone could access them until May 2019.”

Brian Krebs

“A 2014 cyber attack on eBay stole login credentials of up to 145 million users.”

Washington Post, Your Content Goes Here

“In one of the largest and most frightening breaches of 2019 : hackers stole over 92 million sensitive records from the DNA ancestry company MyHeritage.”

Security Researcher, Your Content Goes Here

Our solution is Private and Secure by design.

Unikname Connect is born as an European alternative to web giant’s authentication solutions.

  • Privacy is our core value – it means that we don’t track user’s activity, share or store any data.

  • Our objective is to meet users’ needs of confidentiality, and give them back control of their digital life and personal data.

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Provide a seamless log in experience for yours users.

We make no compromise on simplicity. Our next-generation authentication solution only requires the user @unikname and a simple pin code or fingerprint to log in.
Easy as 1-2-3.

Everything you need to gain trust with yours users…

Provide an easy, secure, and privacy-friendly way for users to create an account and start using your online services.

Confidential & Private

Privacy is our core value. Signing in with Unikname Connect allows yours users to stay private online.


Unikname Connect doesn’t store or make use of user’s data. Their private information are securely saved on their Unikname App.

Easy and Secure

Our strong and seamless authentication solution is grounded on a decentralized technology and doesn’t use any third-party servers.

… With Benefits for your business

Secure your business economy

Unikname Connect allows you to get more control over your business while being independent from internet giants. We are not gathering any data on businesses.

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Avoid Phishing hacks

The authentication token is closely tied to the combination of your domain name, your Unikname Account and your user’s @unikname, preventing phishing hack attempts and malicious connections.

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Lower your costs of data management

Your business won’t have to rely on centralized password storage. It eliminates the risk of stolen credentials from your system database and help you lower your costs of infrastructure security and support.

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How it works?

Get Unikname Connect integrated on your app or website in no time.

Increase trust with your audience and convert more users.

Offer your users the right to confidentiality and join the community of people who cares about online privacy.


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